Bible Prophecy For Today

Seminar Schedule & Topics:

Maranatha SDA Church
730 Dunman Road, Singapore 439237
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Weekday Sessions (4–8 December, Monday to Friday)

  • Light Dinner: 7:30 PM
  • Seminar: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    • 4 Dec: Bible Prophecy Today
    • 5 Dec: Great Prophecy Conflict
    • 6 Dec: The Human Dilemma
    • 7 Dec: Rapture in Revelation
    • 8 Dec: Forgotten by God?

Weekend Session (9 December, Saturday)

  • Seminar: 11:00 AM
  • Topic: The Best is Yet to Come

About the Speaker

At just 18 years old, Tyler Long set out to see the world from the deck of an aircraft carrier as a member of the US Navy’s air squadron. Despite visiting far-flung locations across the globe aboard three different carriers, he grappled with an inner emptiness. A restless seeker, Tyler explored various faith communities around Whidbey Naval Air Base in Washington, but never quite felt at home—until the autumn of 1999. A single evangelistic meeting at Oak Harbor Church dramatically shifted the course of his life; Tyler was the lone participant to be baptised that day, forever altering his spiritual trajectory.

Tyler’s quest for meaning transformed into a vocation for guiding others. Serving in multiple roles, from Conference Bible Worker to Amazing Facts Evangelist, Tyler currently lends his expertise as the Personal Ministries Director for the Washington Conference. His rich experience includes over 100 evangelistic meetings, touching the lives of people from all faith backgrounds. His teaching approach is celebrated for its accessibility, relevance, and engaging style.

Academically fortified with dual Master’s degrees—in Business Administration and Marriage and Family Therapy—Tyler couples his professional life with an enriching family life. Married for 24 years and blessed with two children, Bella (15) and Nate (11), the family’s reach extends beyond academia and ministry; together, they’ve reinvigorated church communities and exuded the love of Christ in all their interactions.