Session 4 – True Worship




In preparation for this week’s D-Group:
Memorize and Meditate on:

John 4:1-26

Romans 12:1-2

Mark 12:30



The Sabbath

Worship: Why the Frequent Controversy over it?

The Heart of Worship


What is Worship?

True worship begins with deep respect or reverence for God, a frame of heart, an attitude.
The Hebrew word for worship, Shachah, means to depress, to bow down, or to fall down flat. It is a picture of humility before the almighty God. The essence of the heart of worship is a life fully surrendered to God.  Worship is not just part of your life. Biblically speaking, it is your life.  The disciple surrendered his whole being to God to be used for righteous purposes. Every activity can be transformed into an act of worship when you do it for the praise, glory, and pleasure of God. The secret to a lifestyle of worship is doing everything as if one was doing it for Jesus.  Then work becomes worship when you dedicate it to God and perform it with an awareness of his presence.  
True worship is a matter of the heart expressed through a lifestyle of holiness.
God is not the starting point of your life. He is the source of it. To truly worship God in your life, you must turn to God’s word and His eternal truths, not pop-psychology, success-motivation or inspiration stories.  If we fail to genuinely worship God, we always find a substitute, even if it ends up being ourselves. 

Accountability (10 Minutes)

Each disciple to share one insight or lesson learned from his/her devotion in the last week.
What is one risk you think God might be calling you to take in this season?

Bible Discussion (20 Minutes)

1. Study John 4:23-24.  What does it mean to worship God in spirit and in truth? What are the key lesson points in this passage. 
2. Romans 12:1-2 exhorts us to be a “living sacrifice” so that we might offer “true” and “proper” worship.  What is the passage implying that we should offer our bodies as “living sacrifices?”
3. Jesus mentioned in Mark 12:30 that we must love God with everything.  What are the spiritual implications for your personal worship?

Life Transformation (20 Minutes)

1. Share with the group what your recent personal worship is like (and if married, Family worship too). What are your struggles and temptations?
2. After understanding the core of worship based on the above discussions and studies, how does your attitude and behavior on a weekly Sabbath worship in your local church reflect your surrender to Jesus? 
3. Discuss some of the good practices on Sabbath observance and its purposes.  Share how do you view Sabbath in relation to worship?

Intercessory Prayer (10 Minutes)

  1. To surrender ourselves totally to Him
  2. To come to church on time for worship and 
  3. To participate in bible-learning Sabbath School regularly


  • Share with the group both the importance of individual and corporate worship. The consistency of the daily and personal worship life will climax on Sabbath corporate worship when all the worshippers learn to worship God.
  • Share some of the good practices of Sabbath worship like punctuality, participation in the worship service and minimize distractions that can draw the worshiper away from God.
  • Share with group members, especially for those who have families, that family worship is the non-negotiable gathering for all young and old to focus on God.  And it is this practice that helps the little ones to appreciate and learn worship in the larger church experience.  Parents should bring their children to Children Sabbath School classes. Since the d-group establishes mutual accountability, permission is given to “check” on each other if one is absent from church worship on a typical Sabbath.  The motivation is not to police but to encourage, pray and support team members to learn to worship God consistently both in the private and public arena.  
  • In addition, encourage members to read up on the Sabbath School lesson study and participate actively to grow in the knowledge and Word of God.
**Additional Resources
  1. Sabbath Observance and Preparation
  2. Ellen White Understanding of Worship
  3. Family Worship