Session 6: Overcoming Temptations




In preparation for this week’s D-Group:
Memorize and Meditate on



What is Temptation?

The English dictionary defines temptation as the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.  The real issue in temptation is whether we live apart from Jesus.  Temptations become sins when we consent to them in our minds. The Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation, but not the ungodly.
When we survey the scriptures, temptations are not overcome at the time of temptation, but always before. If we look at Jesus, He provides the model to overcome temptation.  Jesus was tempted to do right in His own power apart from the power above.  So are we. And Jesus overcame temptations the same way we should overcome: by power from above (God) rather than from within.  He stayed close to God and found sins repulsive.
So long as we depend on God, we will also find sins repulsive and thus this creates the spiritual firewall to prevent us from easily succumbing to possible temptations. The more we love Jesus, the less the attractions of the devil will hold sway over us.

Accountability (10 Minutes)

Each disciple to share one insight or lesson learned from his/her devotion in the last week.
What is one song that has really impacted your faith journey?

Bible Discussion (20 Minutes)

1. Base on the study of Matthew 4:1-11, how did Jesus handle His temptations from Satan? What are the lessons we can learn?
2. What promise is found in 1 Corinthians 10:13? Share with the group how you are going to claim this promise when you are tempted.
3. Base on Matthew 5:21-28, what does the bible talk about succumbing to temptations in our minds? Are there areas in your life where you had given in to temptations and now have become spiritual strongholds?

Life Transformation (20 Minutes)

1. Ministry of Healing, page 510, tells us that “when we permit our communion with God to be broken, our defense is departed from us. Not all your good purposes and good intention will enable you to withstand evil. You must be men and women of prayer.”
 What does this tell us about seeking the Lord in the study of His Word and prayer daily? How do we ask God to create a clean heart within us (Psalm 51:10)?
2. What are some of your temptations? Share with us your struggles and how you overcame them? How can the d-group support you to live victoriously for Jesus?
3. Digital addiction is affecting the young to old.  You can easily find sins on the internet. Share some of the “firewall tactics” you may have adopted to prevent yourself from yielding to these temptations easily.

Intercessory Prayer (10 Minutes)

  1. To claim promises in the scripture to overcome temptations
  2. To keep our minds and heart pure in God
  3. To deliver us from evil before it happens

Leaders’ Tip

  • Emphasize the primary biblical perspective of overcoming temptation is to stay close to Jesus.  Thus, the regular personal devotion with God, consistent prayerful life and the active participation on Sabbath worship are simple mechanics to help us to stay close to the almighty.
  • Share a personal experience in overcoming temptation. There are some minor temptations when succumbed may be inconsequential, but others will cause permanent damage to marriages, children, family, and even the church family and beyond. And the devil is all out to attack every Christian and family. But God is great and his promises will prevail.  Therefore, one of the reasons to memorize and meditate scriptures is to saturate the minds with the Word of God so that we find sins repulsive.
  • Highlight any temptations the group may be facing and share practical steps on how to avoid or overcome them.  Many Christians struggle with temptations like anger, laziness, sex, lying, gossip, etc.  Some Christians may have already succumbed to certain temptations for a long time and these sins have become spiritual strongholds.  
  • Seek further advice from your pastor or some experienced church elders for wisdom and direction if a certain member needs help beyond the group (with permission).  In some cases, members who are addicted to certain sins may need further professional assistance to overcome besides all the spiritual and emotional support given.  
  • Remember to maintain confidentiality in dealing with all these matters.

**Additional Resources

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  2. The Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness