Session 3 – Finding Peace in God



In preparation for this week’s D-Group:
Memorize and Meditate on
Matthew 11:28-30
1 Peter 5:7


  1. Mind, Characters and Personality
  2. Anxiety Hacks
  3. Coping with Stress and Anxiety


Anxiety is often being described as overwhelming emotions of fear over something that the person do not have full knowledge of or control on. In the world we are living today, being anxious is something that all we go through occasionally. But for some people, anxiety simply doesn’t go away.
As a Christian how should we respond to anxiety?


Accountability (10 Minutes)

In your group, share how you have dealt with any temptation since the last time you have discussed it together in your group.


Bible Discussion (20 Minutes)

1. Read Luke 10:38-42. What was Jesus’ main message in this passage? Share some of the modern cares of today that distract us from Jesus.

2. Read Matthew 6:25-27. If you notice, Jesus asked us to take note of many simple things around us that is often being neglected. Why do we often overlook such simple blessing in our life?

3. In 1 John 4:16-18, what promise of God can we claim from this passage in relationship with our fear?


Life Transformation (20 Minutes)

1. What are your current fears? Share with the group why you have these fears and how do you deal with them.

2. In our modern world today, too often like Martha, we tend to get anxious over too many things. There is this tendency to think that no matter what we do, it will never be good enough. Such thoughts often lead us to anxiety and restlessness. As a Christian, what kind of lifestyle and worldview should we embrace to help reduce our personal anxiety and fear? Share.

3. Often, anxiety is associated with overestimating the threat of the future. How should we see the future as a Christian, knowing that God knows what lies ahead of us while at the same time not neglecting to plan well for ourselves?

4. Create a list of gratitude listing all the blessings that God had given you every day. From now on, in every daily prayer that you do, add one of these blessings as part of your thanksgiving prayer to thank God for his blessing for you.


Intercessory Prayer (10 Minutes)

1. Pray that we can surrender everything in our life including our fears and anxieties to God.
2. Ask the Lord for wisdom in handling all situation of life while continuing to trust him during times of uncertainties.
3. Pray for someone that you know who is facing a lot of anxiety and ask if by God’s grace you can be of any sort of help to them.



1. One of the most common anxieties among many people is the fear of people’s opinion. Help your group members to develop a non-judgemental atmosphere in the group. Encourage each person to share.
2. What a person with anxiety usually need is a sense of comfort and assurance. Help them to find the assurance from the word of God and faith in Jesus. However, faith in Jesus does not come from just simply don’t get worried. Therefore, avoid judgemental comments such as “why you need to worry, just believe in Jesus” or “What kind of Christian are you that you are worried for such things” For the people that are anxious, whatever that they are worried about are extremely real in their perspective. Trying to change their worldview with such comments will result in discouragement, instead of hope and comfort. Acknowledge the anxiety, while at the same time allow them to know that in Jesus such worry can be carried away by Him.
3. There is a danger in confusing the idea of having faith in God with recklessness. Wise, calculated risk assessment is always necessary for all circumstances despite having faith in God. In your group, it is important to emphasize the importance of both approaches to life. A healthy disciple should practice wise risk assessment and continual faith in God despite their fear.


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