Session 2 – Dealing with Temptation




In preparation for this week’s D-Group:

Memorize and Meditate on:

Matthew 26:41



Thought on the Mount of Blessing pg 116-119

People of Faith

Digital Addiction

Recipe for Isolation, Depression and Anxiety

We are living in a world where we face temptations all the time. The truth is, one of the most difficult paths in discipleship is in continually resisting temptation every day. In our journey in this lesson, we will explore what the bible says about temptation and how to practice resisting it in our modern world today. 

Accountability (10 Minutes)

In our lesson last week, everyone was asked to list down their strength and weakness in their health lifestyle (Life Transformation task No.4) in their devotional Journal.  Share with your group members, if there are changes that you have experienced after you have done the task.


Bible Discussion (20 Minutes)

1. Read 1 John 2:16. What do we have to be aware of as Christians living in the world of today?

2. Read Matt 4:1-11. What are the temptations Jesus must face? Do you find yourself facing some of these temptations in your own life as well? What wisdom can you gain from Jesus’ example when He was confronted with temptations?

3. In 2 Corinthians 12:6-10, Paul speaks about “strength in weaknesses”. What spiritual encouragement can this verse give to us as we face challenges of temptation each day?  

4. The Bible verse, Philippians 4:13 has often been quoted as the Biblical encouragement in dealing with temptation. However, the first few verses before and the verse after it show us that context matters. What is your impression of what this verse is trying to say when you read the surrounding context of the text (verse 10 – 14)?   

Life Transformation (20 Minutes)

1. If you were asked the question “Who is in control of your life?”, what will your answer be and why? Are you comfortable with the answer that you share with your group members? Discuss.

2. Share with your group members some of the factors that make it hard for you to resist or overcome the temptation that you are facing in life. Categorise them into two groups: External factor e.g. you are surrounded by the temptation, peer pressure, etc and Internal Factor e.g. it’s the way for you to release emotional pain, you don’t have a healthier alternative, etc. Discuss how God can help you to overcome it.

3. Each one of us struggles with different temptations. Some struggle with addiction to certain things in life, some are tempted to lust, some with jealousy, some with anger or desire for power. How can we, despite our different temptations and struggles, support one another as a community of disciples? 

4. One of the most challenging issues in facing temptation today is the digital world we live in. Pornography and online gambling may be the most obvious ones, but for some people, they are simply addicted to themselves through social media. For others, they cannot let go of their gadgets at all. Though the digital world and the internet had brought so many good things to life, they also bring to society unpleasant issues. How should we as a Christian, utilise the technology wisely and biblically? Write down the few steps that you can do together as a group in dealing with the influence of the digital world and the internet. 

Intercessory Prayer (10 Minutes)

1. Claim the promise of God that He can give you strength when you are facing temptations. 

2. Pray for each other and for you to be the source of support for your fellow group members as they face temptations in life.

3. Give God the honour and glory for all the victories you have discovered in your life when you face temptations. 



1. It will be ideal if you can close the meeting with a combined prayer where each member prays for their personal struggles. However, be careful in making it a public confession session that may jeopardise the sense of trust among group members. You may want to consider making the confession part as a silent prayer. However, if you think the group is comfortable enough to publicly share in prayer about their struggles, feel free to do so.
2. Create a comfortable atmosphere for group members to open up to each other. When it comes to personal struggles, we may want to start from ourselves. Sharing your own struggles with temptation may help. Then you can encourage others to join you in sharing theirs.
3. Confidentiality is a must! Please help your group members to know that whatever is shared in the group remains in the group. They should not openly share with other people outside of the D-group.
4. Do not be too disturbed by awkward silences, it is a normal occurrence during group sharing. People take time to reflect and it takes a lot of courage to openly share personal vulnerability. Doing what is suggested at point no.2 (start from yourself) will be of some help.


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