Session 1 – Ministry: Saved to Serve



In preparation for this week’s D-Group:
Memorize and Meditate on 2 Tim 1:9

We Serve God Because We are Saved by Him

We were saved to serve God. The Bible says, “It is he who saved us and chose us for his holy work not because we deserved it but because that was his plan” (2 Timothy 1:9a TLB).  
God redeemed us so we could do his “holy work” for the glory and mission of His church. We are not saved by service but we are saved for service. 
We are created to make a difference with our lives. Not to be mere consumers but created to add to life on earth. We were created and saved to serve God. God redeemed us so that we could participate in His work. It is through serving in a ministry that we discover our significance and meaning of our lives. (Rom12:5)
God has a special design plan for everyone.  In His Kingdom, every Christian has a place, a purpose, a role, and a function to fulfil. This gives the Christian life great significance and value. Jesus paid with his own life to purchase our salvation and the Bible reminds us, “God paid a great price for you. So use your body to honor God” (1 Corinthians 6:20 CEV).
We don’t serve God out of guilt or fear or even duty but out of joy and deep gratitude for what he’s done for us. We owe him our lives. The apostle John taught that our loving service to others shows that we are truly saved. He said, “Our love for each other proves that we have gone from death to life” (1 John 3:14 CEV).  
If we have no love for others, no desire to serve others, and we’re only concerned about our needs, we should question whether Christ is really in our life.
A saved heart is one that wants to serve.

What is the definition of ministry?

It comes from the Greek word “diakonos” which means “to serve” and “to minister.”  
Ministry is using whatever God has given me to serve Him and the needs of others.  

Total Member Involvement

Everyone can do something to hasten the coming of Jesus!
“We have no time to lose. Every moment is golden and altogether too precious to be devoted merely to self-serving.  “The work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their effort with those of ministers and church officers.” Testimonies for the Church, Volume 9, page 116

Accountability (10 Minutes)

Each disciple to share one insight or lesson learned from his/her devotion in the last week.
Share a moment in your life when you knew God was real.

Bible Discussion (20 Minutes)

1. Study 2 Tim 1:9-14.
From the verses above, what are the key teaching points on why we are saved for service? Share and discuss.
Share two key quotations that God is using the author (Ellen White) to speak to you.

Life Transformation (20 Minutes)

1. Many members are holding back from accepting God’s call to serve Him in the church. Share some reasons why.
2. How did you start serving in ministry? Did you meet any obstacles? What joy have you experienced so far? Describe your experience.
3. If you have not served in any ministry before, share your reasons. List out ministries that may interest you. 

Intercessory Prayer (10 Minutes)

1. To serve out of gratitude for Jesus’ love in us
2. To appreciate God’s love for me more and more each day
3. To have a heart for ministry and reaching the lost
It’s crucial that leaders help members at the beginning of Term 2 in this Discipleship Pathway to begin engaging in AT LEAST one ministry in the local church.  If a member is not aware of what area to serve, bring the member to meet the pastor or ministry leader and “try-out” if it fits the person’s gifting and abilities.  
Some ministries in the local church are not about spiritual-gifting or natural abilities, it’s about a serving attitude, for example, washing dishes or stacking chairs or helping to serve the lunch. Whatever the member’s background, every member must find a way to serve the church meaningfully.
  1. For the advancement of the Gospel in hard-to-reach areas of the world
  2. For fortitude on behalf of workers who are currently serving.
  3. That God will show you how you can work in His vineyard.
  4. For and Support Adventist Mission and indigenous workers in unentered areas.
Here are other ways members can be involved:
  • Support HOPE SINGAPORE so their work can continue over the airwaves.
  • Participate in local and institutional health outreach events, such as Pay It Forward, etc.
  • Get involved in a cell/care group, or church outreach event.
  • Help with these ministries in your local church: Children, Youth, Young Adults, Pathfinder, Culinary, Sabbath School, Worship, Community Service projects, etc.
  • Volunteer with evangelistic events, Revelation Seminars or Prophecy Seminars, bible study groups, etc.
  • Befriend new members and nurture them.
**Additional Resources
  1. TMI resources
  2. Essential Keys to Members’ Involvement