Devotional Books for 2020

The prices listed here are subsidised by the Seventh-day Adventist Conference (Singapore) for our local members. To order, please contact your Adventist Church in Singapore.

Adult Morning Devotion


Jesus Wins!

Written by Elizabeth Talbot
SGD $25.00
Jesus has told us the end of the story: He has overcome! When we face sickness, death, loss and various troubles, let’s remember that evil is a conquered enemy. When all is said and done, JESUS WINS!


Revisit the stories of Jesus in this life-changing daily devotional.  Appreciate His beautiful character.  Hear His profound truths in His simple messages.  See His tender, loving care for those around Him.  No element of His life is too small to provide insight.  These insights will revitalize your life!

Adult Evening Devotion


My Life Today

Written by Ellen G. White
SGD $25.00

I am the vine, ye are the branches. – John 15:5 

In these devotionals, a constant call to duty is combined with the assurance of pardon and the promise of joy.  You will experience the beauty of holiness, learn the secret of Christian victory, and savor the future destiny of the saints.  Best of all, each precious page contains practical suggestions to help you strive for a closer walk with God.

Young Adult Devotion