Discipleship Congress 2019
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is Discipleship Congress 2019?
Discipleship Congress 2019 (DC2019) is a 3-day combined church gathering, reaffirming our commitment to the Adventist movement where every Adventist is a disciple for Jesus. You are strongly encouraged to attend.
Why should I attend?
Great speakers, practical content, genuine community, the launch of Hope Channel Singapore… there are tons of reasons to attend DC2019. The practical content and information shared about the Discipleship Pathway will impact your personal spiritual life, preparing you to be a disciple multiplying God’s kingdom. Please note, there will be no worship service at your local church during that weekend.
What about my kids?
There will be a concurrent children’s discipleship program (ages 2 –12) for all 3 days. For parents with children ages 4 years and under, a caregiver is required to be present with the child throughout the children’s program. For parents who prefer to tend to your own children, there is a toddlers’ room set aside for you.
Please register your child for the Children’s Discipleship program at

Goodie bag and t-shirt will be on a first come first serve basis for new sign-ups from September 4 – 20.

I plan to drive there. Is there enough parking space?
There will not be any parking available on the premises.The existing parking lot will be repurposed for lunch seating to accommodate the members from all our churches. Ample parking lots are available at the Revenue House (55 Newton Road), a 4-minute walk to Thomson Church. Please refer to our map for more information.
OK, I will take a taxi instead.
That’s a great idea. There are two entrances to the church. Just remember to tell your driver to drop you off at the entrance facing Thomson Road. The chartered buses will be entering from Chancery Lane (side entrance), and you don’t want to get stuck there with the meter running.
There are chartered buses? How do I get on one?
Yes, we have chartered buses leaving from your local church at pre-determined timings. Advanced reservation is required. Please book your seat early to avoid disappointment. Bookings are made through your local church pastor or appointed coordinator.
Hold on, since everyone is going, will there be enough space to accommodate all of us?
Definitely! The church and school have undergone major renovations to increase its capacity. The newly renovated classrooms and air-conditioned canteen at San Yu Adventist School will be utilised to accommodate everyone. A live video and audio feed will also be sent to all the rooms, so you won’t miss a thing.
Why are we using Thomson Chinese Church/San Yu Adventist School for this combined meeting?
We have considered and surveyed all possible venues for this combined gathering but there are no suitable venues that could accommodate our size and budget. In addition, it is good stewardship to use the financial resources to build up the ministries of the church instead of catering to the high rental cost.
Is there lunch?
Of course! Lunch will be provided only on Saturday. Bottled water will be available throughout all 3 days. There are also water dispensers at the venue.