Hope at Home Care Pack 200513


Welcome to the Hope at Home Care Pack

This booklet is a directory of some valuable resources that we hope will be helpful to your mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual health.
Please note that the following is not a comprehensive list of help available in Singapore. 
Last updated 13 May 2020.


For more programmes and information on Mental Health Services, please refer to Mental Health Resource Directory. (Alternatively, you may go to NCSS Website > Press Room > Publications > Mental Health Resource Directory)

TOUCH Care Line

A helpline for eldercare and caregiving issues. Manned by care coordinators including occupational therapists, nurses and social workers to provide information or connect to support services and schemes.
Call: 6804 6555
Email: caregivers@touch.org.sg

Hear4U by CARE Singapore

Hear4U is a pro-bono community initiative that we are launching on Monday, 6th April as an inclusive mode of providing Psychological First Aid support through a listening ear.
Call or WhatsApp: 6978 2728

SOS – Samaritans of Singapore

Singapore’s only Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre. Find Out More. Community Training. Email Befriending. Confidential & Anonymous. Specialised Counselling. 24 Hour Hotline. Suicide Grief Support. Highlights: Dedicated Team, 24-Hours Service Available.
Call: 1800 221 4444 (24 hours)

ComCare by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)

ComCare provides social assistance for low-income individuals and families. ComCare assistance is available at the Social Service Offices (SSOs).
Call: 1800 222 0000 (Daily, 7am to 12pm)

NCSS – National Council of Social Services



Talking to Children about the Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Children’s Stories


Kids Worship Songs and Other Resources


Hope at Home Children’s Stories by Hope Channel Singapore

Gather your kids for children’s stories during this circuit breaker! Told and recorded by members of the church, these stories take on an authentic and often creative twist as storytellers turn whatever tools (or toys!) they have at home into story aids.

SAC Children Sabbath School Online Resources

Compilation of resources, updated weekly.

GC Sabbath School and Personal Ministries

Online jigsaw puzzles based on Gracelink Sabbath School animation lessons, that were produced in Singapore.

Loma Linda University Church

Children’s Sabbath School activities & video


Balestier Road Church

1. COVID-19 Prayer WhatsApp sessions (Daily, 9pm)
2. Prayer Meeting (Every Wednesday, 8pm via Zoom)
3. Balestier Church Vespers (Every Friday, 8pm)
Call: 8160 8940 (Pastor Chuen Rong)

Maranatha Church

Prayer meeting (Every Wednesday, at 8pm via Zoom)
Call: 9233 2125


Virtual visitations will be conducted via call/video conferencing. Please contact the pastors directly to make an appointment.

Filipino Church

Call 9328 8387 (Pastor Igan)

SDA Community Church

Call 8754 5504 (Pastor James)




Temporary Relief Fund by Government

One-time assistance of $500. Applicant to receive via PayNow.

Closing Date: 30 April 2020


1. SG/PR aged 16 and above.

2. Loss of job or at least 30% of income due to COVID-19 (after 23 Jan 2020).

Prior gross monthly household income of less or equal $10,000 or monthly per capita income of less or equal to $3,100.

3. Not on ComCare assistance.

Apply online with SingPass: https://go.gov.sg/temporary-relief-fund


Go to nearest Social Service Office (SSO)/ Community Centre/Club (CC), bring along printed copies of NRIC and proof of loss of job or income (eg. pay slip, letter of retrenchment or contract termination).

Resilience Budget


For more information:



Income Tax Deferment


Deferment of tax to Aug, Sep or Oct 2020. End date extended by 3 months. Apply from 26 Mar – 31 Jul 2020.


Income Relief by MOM/NTUC/FSE


Gross monthly household income <$10K or gross mthly per capita income <$3,100 prior to job loss; property with annual value of $21K; Not on ComCare. Must agree to actively participate in job search e2i; Workforce Spore.

Closing date: 30 Sept 2020

CDC Student Meal Scheme

Apply between 14 April 2020  – 27 April 2020

Meal subsidies by MOE


Subsidy will be provided through two top-ups. The first top-up can be redeemed from 14 April 2020 to 15 May 2020.

The second top-up can be redeemed from 27 April 2020 to 15 May 2020.

Secondary school students on MOE FAS will receive a total of $120 each.

Primary school students on MOE FAS will receive a total of $60 + $20 each, (the additional $20 from the Sayang Sayan Fund by the Community Foundation of Singapore)




This hub serves to help connect those who need resources with those who can offer them, by listing initiatives to redistribute items, services, money and opportunities across Singapore.


Care and Support – Cash


Solidarity Payment: $600* in April 2020
Remaining Enhanced Care and Support: $300 to $600 in June 2020
Additional Enhanced Care and Support: $300* in June 2020

*Solidarity Payment comprises $300 brought forward from the enhanced Care and Support – Cash, and an additional $300.
*Refers to Singaporean parents with at least one Singaporean child aged 20 and below in 2020. Each eligible parent will receive the additional $300.

Workfare Special Payment

As announced at Budget 2020, all Singaporean employees and self-employed persons who received Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) payments in Work Year 2019 will receive a Workfare Special Payment (WSP) in 2020.

PAssion Card Top-up

It was announced on 26 March 2020 that the $100 PAssion Card Top-up will be given in cash instead. This will eliminate the need for physical redemption in person, and eligible Singaporeans will receive the $100 directly in their designated bank account together with their Care and Support – Cash payout.

Grocery Vouchers

All Singaporeans aged 21 years and above, who live in 1-room and 2-room HDB flats and do not own more than one property, will receive $300 in Grocery Vouchers this year, and $100 in 2021. Grocery Vouchers can be used at NTUC FairPrice, Giant and Sheng Siong.
Eligible citizens will be given the 2020 Grocery Vouchers in 4Q2020.

GST Voucher – U-Save

All eligible HDB households will receive double their regular GST Voucher (GSTV) – U-Save in Financial Year (FY) 2020 (April 2020 to March 2021) through a one-off GSTV – U-Save Special Payment. Eligible households with five or more members will receive an additional GSTV – U-Save rebate in FY2020, and will thus receive a total of 2.5 times their regular GSTV – U-Save in FY2020
6671 7117

Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Rebate

Eligible Singaporean households living in HDB flats will receive rebates to offset between 1.5 and 3.5 months of Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) over FY2020.

Silver Support Scheme

There is no need to apply for Silver Support. All Singaporeans aged 65 and above in 2021 will be automatically assessed for eligibility. All who qualify for the enhanced Silver Support will be notified by CPF Board and receive their first payout in December 2020.
FAQ: https://www.silversupport.gov.sg/Resources/FAQs#top_faq_03

NTUC Care Fund (Covid-19)

One-off cash relief for members in hardship.
Loss of income of at least 30% reduction OR
Retrenched with retrenchment benefits of not more than $6,500 OR
Job/Event Cancellations (for Self-employed / Freelancers only).
6213 8008

COVID-19 Support Grant

To help Singapore Citizens and PRs who are presently unemployed due to retrenchment or contract termination, or presently on involuntary no-pay leave (NPL) for at least three consecutive months, or presently experiencing reduced monthly salary of at least 30% for at least three consecutive months as a result of the economic impact of COVID-19.
Apply online at go.gov.sg/CSG.
Hotline (1800-222-0000) for assistance OR approach your nearest Social Service Offices (go.gov.sg/ssolocator) to schedule an application slot.
The application period is from 4 May to 30 September 2020.

Public Transport Voucher

Public Transport Vouchers is worth $50.
Eligible households can apply for the vouchers at their local community centres/clubs (CCs) from Monday, 11 November 2019 to Saturday, 31 October 2020.
Residents may approach their local CCs if they have any queries.

The Courage Fund

Healthcare or frontline workers who’ve reasonably come into contact with a COVID-19 patient, and contracted the virus.
Also, low-income households whose income went down by at least 10% due to COVID-19. The prior household income should also be less than $3,900. ComCare clients are also eligible.
How to apply: Head to the NCSS website and apply under the scheme you’re eligible for. You can also apply at any Social Service Office.




Hawkers United FB Group
For delivery services, please whatsapp Bai RuiHai @91098026 or Kevan Peh @88083927.( subject to slots availability and location)




Minimum order of $79 to enjoy free delivery.

Online order via website or app.


Cold Storage


Minimum order of $59 to enjoy free delivery.

Online order via website or app.


Song Fish

Supplier of frozen seafood and poultry.
$20 Shipping fee (flat rate). Minimum order of $100 to enjoy free delivery.

6777 3939


Tankfully Fresh


Online seafood supply retailer.

Minimum purchase is now $60 until further notice.

LKE Vegetable Trading


Order date: every Mon, Wed, Fri Delivery: every Tue, Thu, Sat.

Order >$35 free.

Order <$35, $5 delivery fee

PAYLAH 9761 0047 PAYNOW 9761 0047
Call: 9726 9925 / 9761 0047



Online order & delivery of organic groceries & household essentials including gluten free products.

For free delivery, buy above $100 in one order OR get one of our favourite organic boxes!

Orders under $50 will be charged $20 delivery. Orders between $50-150 will be charged $10 delivery. 
WhatsApp: 6778 7369


Doctor Anywhere Opening Hrs (24 hrs)


Home based health screening/vaccination; common & chronic illnesses. Choose to consult a healthcare professional now, or book an appointment for later, whenever you want. Medication delivery from the clinic right to your doorstep, with documents emailed to you instantly.

Charges: consultation $20 (accepts online payment via all major credit and debit cards, including VISA and MasterCard)

Download ‘Doctor Anywhere’ on Google Play store or App store, and create an account in less than a minute.

Call: 6591 8668

White Coat Singapore

Opening Hrs: 8am-midnight (including public holidays)

Telemedicine, tele-treatment consult. You can use WhiteCoat for yourself or your young ones from the comfort of your home. Tell them what’s ailing you or your child. Have your medication delivered.

Download the WhiteCoat App, create and log in.

Charges: similar to GP Clinics Delivery of medication

Call: 6909 6609


Monday – Friday (8am – 6pm)

Home based doctor visit: Minor surgical procedures (toilet & suture, incision & drainage of small abscesses etc; prescribe & dispense medication

Charges: *$250 per visit incl GST

*Prices vary based on number of hours requested. Additional charges apply during public holidays and for urgent service requests to be rendered within 2 hours. Prices include prevailing GST charges.

Call: 6717 3737 (Weekday, 9am to 9pm)

Online chat with coordinators: https://www.jaga-me.com/contact-us/



Caring Hearts Nursing
Call: 9048 2919



Home based nursing care by qualified nurses: Tube feeding, wound management, tracheostomy care, stoma care, catheter & drain care, oral suctioning, post hospitalisation care, caregiver support,

Charges: nurse caregiving $75/2hrs; $23 subsequent hr Non-medical $63/2hrs; $17 subsequent hr (include GST

Call: 6717 3737 (Weekday, 9am to 9pm)
Online chat with coordinators: https://www.jaga-me.com/contact-us/


Support Singapore through COVID-19 Facebook page


This project aims to help people from all walks of life in Singapore deal with the covid-19 crisis.



Balestier Road Church


Mind Your Mind 
10:30am Every Tuesday

Pr Bayu will speak on how to handle mental health challenges, especially during this Circuit Breaker time. Things such as loneliness, boredom, communication issues, handling overwhelming information from the Internet, etc and how to connect it with Biblical wisdom. It’s 10-15 minute.

Songs for the Soul

10:30am Every Tuesday

Pr Chuen Rong wants to help all watchers to find peace and comfort through Christian music that he will play through piano, along with some reflective devotional that hope will uplift our heart to God especially during this Circuit Breaker period.

Hope at Home WORSHIP by Hope Channel Singapore


In view of the circuit breaker measures, church services have moved online and so has our worship in songs.

Since singers can no longer come together, song services are now led from home. Here’s our song leaders (and their families) leading the church in songs of praise.




Let’s Pray

Join our pastors for a 15-minute LIVE prayer session



Thomson Chinese Church

Devotional Videos
Contact: 9234 2118 (Pastor Peter Foo)

Tree Of Life


How does God’s word come to life in your daily routines? The Tree of Life devotional vlog series follows the life of 7 pastors and their reflections on scripture in the everyday.


生命树 Tree of Life (Mandarin)