So what’s happening?
Finally, Singapore’s very own Bible Instructor Training School for youth and young adults is starting in March 2016!
Have you always wanted to be trained in Bible work but lacked the resources in time or money? Are you involved in your local church ministry but want to be more effective? Are you hearing God’s call to be a “minister for The Master” but don’t know where to start?
If your answer is yes to any of the questions above BITS is designed for you!
What’s BITS?
BITS is an acronym for Bible Instructor Training School. It is a school for youth and young adults who are hearing God’s call to work the harvest in these last days. The school’s base of operation and classes for BITS 2016 will be conducted in the building facilities of the Southeast Asian Union Mission at 798 Thomson Road, 298186.

BITS is acknowledged and supported by the Singapore Adventist Conference and the Southeast Asian Union Mission. BITS is also the first of its kind, conference-supported Bible Instructor Training School in Singapore

The idea to start a Bible Instructor Training School in Singapore was birthed out of this popular quotation from the Spirit of Prophesy: “With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen and soon coming Savior might be carried to the world.” (Education, pg. 271.)

It is our wholehearted desire that this school will train youth and young adults (God’s Army) in practical ministry and send them to succeed as soul winners in their local harvest fields.

Jesus said, “For the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard. And when he had agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he SENT them into his vineyard.” Matthew 20:1, 2.

What makes this school different?

BITS 2016  meets four times: Mar 18-20, Jun 23-26, Sep 9-11, Nov 25-27 2016

Singapore Adventist Conference-initiated program, under the management of the Singapore Adventist Conference Young Adults Department, with support from the Youth Department. The curriculum includes a coaching component – i.e. students are mentored one-on-one, assigned to a pastor-coach.
Affordable Fees: $200.00 SGD per person
What will students learn?
BITS will be focusing on three areas in 2016 Session 1:
1. How to study the Bible.
2. How to give Bible Studies.
3. How to outreach through health.
Who will be teaching?
Chris Vogel
This year we invited Chris Vogel, a PhD candidate in Old Testament Studies at Andrews University to specifically conduct training on how to study the Bible.  Before coming to Andrews, he worked as a pastor in Austria. He loves to study the Bible and has taken a special interest in the biblical narratives. You can check out his blog about his discoveries in the Bible at
Pastor James will also be involved in conducting workshops this session – specifically in the area of how to to give effective Bible studies that lead young people to Christ. He will be sharing from his own experiences, the techniques and preparation strategies in his workshops.

Dr. Teo holds a Doctorate in Public Health from Loma Linda University, California, USA. He is a registered dietitian accredited by the American Dietetic Association and certified in Public Health by the National Board of Publich Health Examiners (USA).

Dr. Teo has years of experience in different lifestyle centre and health food store/ restaurant in America during 1999-2003 and later pursued his Masters and Doctorate degree in Public Health majoring in nutrition from 2005- 2010. He is presently the director of Youngberg Wellness Centre, a recognized workplace health care provider which specializes in providing health promotion and educational programs to corporate organizations, voluntary welfare organizations, religious groups, schools and communities.
He will be sharing with the students what is Medical Missionary Work and Health Evangelism? How is it relevant to our post modern urban context today and whether there Laws for Health?
Sam Kan
Samuel Kan is a practicing Physiotherapist. He studied in the United States and currently runs his own practice in Singapore. He will be sharing with the students practical health massage skills that can be employed as an effective health outreach tool. 
Fees breakdown



Meals: 6 meals per session at $5.00 per plate: $30.00 Lodging: 2 nights at $40.00 per night: $80.00 TOTAL: $110.00
Student’s payment: $200.00* for 4 sessions ($110.00 x 4: $440 – subsidy of $240)
Further subsidy may be available through your local church.  
How to register?
Please contact Lionel See ( at the Young Adults Department, Singapore Adventist Conference for information and registration.
Online registration link: BITS Registration